RobAutocopy is a little Windows Explorer Shell extension for the well-known Robocopy from MicrosoftLab.

It has been principally designed to avoid to re-enter manually the source and the destination folder by-hand. Indeed, it adds some new items in the right-click menu of folders in Windows Explorer, like the “Copy/Paste” items.

RobAutocopy supports up to 4 profiles, in which the user is able to define the argument’s list to pass to Robocopy. It is possible to quickly switch to another profile using both command-line interface or Windows Explorer context menu.

My daily use of RobAutocopy is to copy folders with timestamp preserving for folders. You have probably noticed that Windows copy utility doesn’t keep timestamp on folders. The profile argument for this kind of copy is:

/e /dcopy:T

You can find a lot of example on this Technet post.


  • Copy/paste quickly using Robocopy associated with the explorer context menu
  • Register/unregister the shell extension by passing argument ‘-r’ (register) or ‘-u’ (unregister)
  • Show profile list and info with ‘-i’ (for a terminal) or ‘-w’ (for a windowed dialog)
  • Edit profile
  • Opensource and totally free!  😀


Download “Robautocopy” robautocopy_0.2b.exe – Downloaded 1301 times – 319 KB




All the sources of this application are available on Assembla SVN:

Project details

Current version : 0.2 (beta) rev.3
Status : paused
Language : C#
License: GNU v3

RobAutocopy is written in C#. You’ll need the Microsoft .Net Framework.
I’ve developed this little piece of code in 48 hours, because I needed a tools that is able to keep folders timestamps. Finally, the only solution I’ve found is to use Robocopy but I was quickly bored to copy and paste the Source and the Destination folders in the awful Windows terminal (cmd.exe). RobAutocopy was born, using the Windows Explorer shell to save and execute robocopy’s scripts.

Tags : robocopy, robautocopy, copy folders, timestamp, shell extension, context menu, GUI, user interface, script

11 thoughts on “RobAutocopy

  1. Hello
    I am using the Owl VGM reader on windows xp sp3 and trying to read vgm files that came from a Samsung Wave 8500 mobile phone. The owl version .9 imports the inbox but when i try to import into the outbox no files will list in that box although when i am done importing them they do show up. Problem is that only part of the message gets imported and gets cut of midway through the message.
    Any suggestions ?

  2. lol i need a step by step to show me how this works and integrated into context menu, just the source code is too confusing for me.

    1. Hi!

      You have just to install it using the installer (the big blue button on this page), and then go to your context menu, you will see 2 new items, as shown on pictures of this page.

      If you have any troubles, please inform me by mail!


    1. Yes, I discovered this bug few weeks ago. It’s a problem with some permissions using robocopy binaries. I will dig in the code to find out the problem.

      Thank you for the interest you give to Robautocopy,


  3. Program is great, but when I try to robocopy a folder, the contents of the folder are copied instead of the folder with the contents inside. For example, if I try to copy x:\Folder with file.txt inside of it to my desktop, I get …desktop\file instead of …desktop\Folder\file.txt.

    It would be great if this could copy the source folder as well.

  4. The context entry is not shown in a library and I tested several folders and some of them do not start the copy process at all. example: folder on the desktop to a second physical drive.

  5. Hello there, does not work on windows 10 64 bit?
    i selected profile 1, tried Robo copy and robo paste, but nothing happened.
    furthermore, i couldn’t find any logs…..

    any infos?

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