Author: Louisbob (me)

Current version: 0.2 (updated 12/07/2012)

Programming language: C#


Noksam is a tiny application that allows you to convert Nokia 2700 Classic’s VMG files to the Samsung Metro (one SIM).

This program should work with other models of mobile phone. Please, please, add in comment or send me a mail if you are able to use Noksam with other cell phones!

Thank to Ranma for its great idea!


Download “Noksam” noksam_0.2.rar – Downloaded 433 times – 143 KB

NB: You must have .Net Framework 4 installed on your PC! You can download it here:

Download .Net Framework 4


v. 0.2 (12/07/2012) - I dedicate this release to Ranma, my first and generous contributor! I warmly thanks him!

*Initial release*

2 thoughts on “NokSam

  1. Thanks, dude! =D
    I was making a backup of some messages (moving them from the phone to the computer), but all of them were disorganized, there was no division lines, everything was messy; anyway, I was opening each one with notepad (I yet do not found a properly software for that [no software ran here]) and editing some lines that was misplaced, but, with that simple software, the messages were organized, much better for read.
    Anyway, although it’s not the purpose of the software, it was useful for me.
    (I am using a Samsung GT-S5620B)

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