File storage strategy


Hi there!

These last few days, I’m emerging from the soil my army of hard disk that contains all my data for the past 10 years. I had been totally discouraged by the amount of information, and huge quantity of duplicated files due to multiple backups.

As I’m storing a lot of files in a year, I searched a good way to organize, sort and backup all my documents, videos and music in a logical way. The purpose is also to reduce risks of losing files (after a hard-disk failure for example). If you are or were in the same case, this little guide is for you! Throughout this bunch of lines, I will show you how to keep the control on your files and your workspace, and how to jungle with your personal and professional data.

1. Know your data

It seems to be obvious to many of you. Sometimes, we don’t realize the quantity and the variety of files we have. The first step is quite simple : take a paper and a pen, and plug your hard-disk one by one. Note down their model, the size of the hard drive, free space, and what they contain. For example :

Seagate 500Gb (IDE): 154Gb used

-Backup from 12th. February 2012
-Some music given by Alex
-First C programming project

Western Digital (SATA):
-Blah blah…

Often, you will not have enough space on one drive to put all your file, even after the final step of classification. It is for this reason it is interesting to know the size of all your hard disk.

2. Categorize

As I said in the introduction, your PC could be shared between your professional life and your geek life (Oh! I beg your pardon, I should say ‘private life’ 😉 ). After reading many advises on forums and article on the web, I decided to put each folders/files in a specific root category:


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