Convert a Black&Decker cordless drill to a corded one

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It seems that the previous trick I have posted did not totally rose my Black&Decker batteries from the dead. The two 14.4V Fire Storm batteries seem to be bored by electroshock, and they are going out of energy in less than one day without use. Anyway, I decided to find a way to plug the drill on the  AC 220V, that would allow me to drill 24/7 :).

This time I will expose you an inexpensive hack to convert your cordless drill with batteries into a corded one, using an AC to DC adapter.

The first step is to find a good AC/DC power bloc with the same voltage of your battery. It should be enough powerful in order to deliver sufficient current to the electrical motor of the tool. I needed to be very patient, as a 14.4V AC/DC is quite hard to find. You best chance is to go in a hacker space – it is where I get one. It is a Labtec adapter, that comes from an old all-in-one printer. It delivers 1A, and I bet it was sufficient for the drill…

Power adapter


With a multimeter, I plugged the adapter, checked the voltage and located which wire is the positive (+).

As I wanted a clean hack, I disassembled one of my batteries to get the plastic skeleton.

Then I soldered the two wires, according to information given by this blog:

As I removed the battery cells, the connector was no longer fixed. So I found a little piece of metal that I blocked with two screws. Unfortunately, the head of each screws was preventing the empty battery to be plugged back in the drill. Then I decided to dig in the plastic to bury the head. Here is the final result:

As you can see, I added a wire to prevent the solder to be damaged. After some test, it seems that the drill is accepting the adapter, that doesn’t seem to overheat. Cost of the surgery : 5€ (price of the adapter in the hacker space). Hack it, do it, work it!

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