The secret of the Youtube’s yellow bar!

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Maybe you have already noticed it. For a long while, I was asking myself what is the role of this tiny yellow bar in the Youtube video player.

youtube yellow bar

After some research on the web, I found that it is for indicates the user when a popup will arrive on the screen (in Youtube term, popup means ‘advertissement’ 🙂 )

Youtube advertissement

Voila! It was the useless post of the day. If you really want some Youtube’s secrets and tricks, check this link!

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3 thoughts on “The secret of the Youtube’s yellow bar!

  1. Au moins on apprend quelque chose ! J’ai longtemps cru que cela était le seuil d’attente avant de lancer un vidéo avec ma connexion…

  2. I found a vidoe called Chirumiru Cirno English Subs v2 and it had the whole video time bar was a bright gold color. This is the first time ive EVER seen it and its disappeared now. Dafq was it???

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