ESET NOD32: Slow network startup on all adapters

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Yesterday night, I solved a problem that made me crazy for 6 months. When I booted up my computer, I needed to wait between 2 or 3 minutes to get a working connection to the internet.

During this dead time, the wired network adapter indicated that it was connected (so the cable was plugged in), but zero packets were received or sent over this interface. I tried a lot of manipulation to find from where the issue came from : uninstalling my anti-virus (ESET Smart Security), deactivating a lot of services, reading Windows’ logs, tried the Windows Performance Analysis Tool (WPT), network driver updating, and finally formatting my computer…

It’s quite frustrating to format your computer when you don’t need to, because since I purchased a SSD, my laptop didn’t get slow anymore.

But yesterday, I had some issues with my anti-virus (that is a firewall as well) ESET Smart Security, and I needed to uninstall it messily with the Eset uninstaller. During the process of uninstalling, I noticed a message I never saw before:


“Warning! Win 7 detected: After running this tool on Win 7, you may observe network outages each time you start OS. NIC drivers re-installation should fix it. If you want to re-install NIC drivers automatically, please use switch “/reinst”. Please be aware that NIC drivers re-installation causes loss of static IP settings or WIFI settings.”

Are you kidding me? 😯

So I gently uninstalled the driver of all my network interfaces. Click on Uninstall in the driver section (it’s important!) of your device (right-click on “Computer“, then “Manage“. Click on “Device Manager” on the left, then right-click on the network-adapter you want to remove. Go to “Driver” tab, then click on “Uninstall“).

And after all, no more delay, no more slow startup on my network interfaces! Thanks ESET!

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