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I just updated the Owl VMG Reader. Now, there is a dedicated page on this website.

Click here for instructions and download link.

Please, if you have any comment, post them on the dedicated page.

This is the changelog of this new version:

v. 0.6 (23/01/2012) – Thanks to harshit and Benjamin V. for their bug reports!

-Before, you can export only 400 sms. Now,
you can export up to 10000 sms!

*FIX: “Merg’em all” button and “Process” were not available using classical merging technic.
Now, there will be available when you select all your VMGs.

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6 thoughts on “The Owl VMG Reader

  1. first and foremost I would like to thank you for this awesome vmg reader . . . but when I happened to view a conversation which has 3 msg in it , your owl vmg reader showed only the last msg of the conversation . . . please help me with this. . pls sent me the instruction step to convert the full conversation . 
    pls do help me . . I am really looking forward for your help

  2. Dear java developer. I just bought a new Samsung Xcover 550 (SM-B550H) cell phone, see: ,
    The messages are saved and backed up in “*.vmg” format, but I need *.vmg file reader like the Owl VMG Reader in my windows computer. The only problem is that the Owl VMG Reader does not does not show the spescial Norwegian unicode sign’s letter ÆØÅ or in smal letters æøå correctly! So the vmg message becomes corrupt where thes signa are located.

    I think the Norwegian unicode is ISO 8859-1 or Ansi, but I’am not sure.

    I you could you please help me fixing this problem,please message me.

    Thanks in advance!

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